WATCH; Appreciative Little Boy Living in Orphanage Kneels Down to Thank People who Gave Him Food, Prays in Cute Video

Social media users have gushed over a trending video of a little boy living at an orphanage home.


In a video spotted on Instagram, the little boy was seen holding a plate which he presented to some servers one after the other.


After his plate was filled with food, he went down on one knee to thank the givers before proceeding to sit on a chair.


Before eating, he did not fail to say prayers and thank God for the food and the ability to eat.


The video shared on Instagram by @yahweh_children_ministries has stirred sweet reactions from netizens. While some people praised the little boy, others hailed the caregivers at the orphanage for embedding such discipline in him.


Netizens gush over sweet video

Reggypanache said: “Did you see that he was grateful to the sharers and still took time to thank God?”




__blue_orion__ wrote: “Omg! He is the cutest! Lil man ain’t plying about his food.”

Hentondorothy commented: “I love these babies, they’re so grateful for what they have, God Bless you little ones.”


Mchunni.50 said: “I want to adopt him.” Read_by_the_truth commented: “And we spend billions to go to space to find proof of life isn’t crazy?”


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