“He Needs To Be in School”: Nigerian Boy Learning to Become Mechanic Speaks Perfect English in Viral Video.


A Nigerian boy named Mubarak Yusuf has won many fans on TikTok after a video showed him debating fiercely


In the short clip, Mubarak who is learning to be a mechanic spoke so perfectly using the English language



Mubarak’s performance got TikTokers asking why he is learning to be a mechanic instead of being in school



Numerous TikTokers have fallen in love with a little boy named Mubarak Yusuf due to his brilliance.


It all started after @ayofeliberato posted a video of Mubarak while he was debating fiercely about reading.



His delivery in fluent English language got many of his admirers asking who he is. Mubarak who is learning to be a mechanic debated in favour of day reading.


He made the valiant point that night reading makes students sleep in class when in school.


Watch the video below:



Why is Mubarak not in school? After watching the interesting video, many TikTokers started asking why the kid is not in school.



They want to know why he is learning to be a mechanic instead of studying in class.


It could not be confirmed if the boy is out of school or if the mechanic work is just part of what he does on weekends or holidays.

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