“Boy Na Calculator”: Nigerian Street Kid Spotted in Video Displaying Incredible Mathematical Skills in Ilorin.


An incredibly talented kid has been spotted in a video displaying his mathematical skills in Ilorin,


Kwara state In the short clip seen on TikTok, the kid answered numerical questions within seconds without the aid of a calculator


The questions were posed to him in quick successions, but the way he got the answers correctly has stunned TikTokers.


A video of a smart Nigerian kid answering mathematical questions in Ilorin has gone viral.


The TikTok clip was posted by @kaotharbabatunde, and it shows the kid churning out answers to the questions like a computer.


The kid was seen on the street, but it appears he has a lot of talents and numerical skills which came to the fore in the short clip.


He was standing before a man who posed maths questions to him in rapid succession and in a complicated way.


He answers the majority correctly He would not give up as the questions kept coming for him to answer.


The questions posed to the kid hawker ranged from addition to multiplication, but they were trickish.


His skill has stunned many TikTokers who are asking that they want to meet him and possibly help him. However, it was not revealed whether the kid is in school or why he was not in class.




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