“But it is Not Cool”: Man Catches Two Female Teachers Eating Swallow in Video while Little Pupils Watched.


A video of two female teachers consuming a meal of swallow and soup ‘with reckless abandon’ has elicited reactions online


A man who filmed the ladies without their knowledge remarked that they would end up only teaching the kids the alphabet


Some netizens supported the teachers’ action while some argued that it was wrong of them to eat in such a manner before the little kids


Social media users have reacted to a video of two teachers gulping swallow in the presence of their little pupils.


The teachers didn’t mind that the kids were watching them with keen interest as they made big moulds of swallow and dipped them in the soup before driving it into their mouths.


A man who filmed them from the top of a building found it funny and laughed at the way they ate.


“Swallow on the way… Last last na only A B C D them go teach the kids today,” wording on the clip reads.


Some people faulted how the teachers ate before the kids. Others simply praised them.


Watch the video below: 


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