Viral Video of 4-Year-Old Doing Basic Algebra Has People in Total Awe: “I’m 52 and Couldn’t Figure That Out”


Jayden is a young man who can do basic algebraic math equations with ease, and he is only four-years-old An impressive video showing the boy doing a sum went viral,


leaving many people wondering how he even did it Many people commended the parents for paying such great attention to their son’s strengths and motivating him


A young man by the name of Jayden is a little math whiz at the age of just four. A video showing him solving a basic algebraic equation with ease has gone viral.


While most of us grownups still battle to do long division, let alone algebra, little Jayden has got it down.


His mother recorded and uploaded a clip to his Instagram page that showed him working out an equasion where he solved for ‘a’. Jayden did not hesitate on any of the steps and swiftly worked out that ‘a’ equaled three.





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