“Dad Carry Me”: Sweet Moment Man Jacked Up His Daughter Who Couldn’t Walk With Painful High Heels, Video


A man has been hailed on TikTok because of the way he lifted his daughter shoulder-high to her graduation ceremony


The young lady had difficulties walking with her really high heels, so her dad was on hand to help her out


Her mother, who shared the video, said she warned her about the high heels, but she paid no attention to her


A lovely dad who helped out his daughter in a time of need has become a viral TikTok sensation.


In the short clip posted by @familyties77, the dotting dad carried his grown daughter and walked while holding her with just his right hand


It was her day of graduation, but apparently, the lady found it had to walk to the venue because of her high heels.


Her dad offered to help in the sweetest way possible by taking her up like a baby and conveying her to the venue.


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