“CAN’T BE A NATIVE DOCTOR”: Little girl storms career day in school dressed like native doctor


A video of a little girl rocking a costume on career day in school has caused a frenzy on social media


In the trending video, the little girl dressed like a traditional doctor and this stirred mixed reactions


Sharing her thoughts about the clip, a lady named @chee_chee on Instagram kicked against the idea


A beautiful little girl broke down in tears during her career day in school.


Dressed like a native doctor, the little girl cried bitterly in the presence of guests as someone filmed her.


Reacting to the clip, most netizens were majorly concerned with the little girl’s dressing.


While some people criticized the parents of the girl for dressing her up as a traditional doctor, others wondered why the little girl felt so heartbroken on her career day.


Watch Video;



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