“Your Kpekus Too Huge” Reaction as Hajia Adjowa Shakes And Bounces Her Huge Backs!des roughly(Video)


Popular Instagram model and Tiktok star, Hajia Adjowa, has dazzled her fans on social media with a new video of herself.


The curvy socialite saw an opportunity and grabbed it and currently, she is giving fading socialite, Moesha and others a run for their money.


Hajia knows how to utilize her big behind which resembles a pumpkin and that’s why men keep on checking her latest update on Tiktok and Instagram.


She keeps thirsty men busy on her Instagram page through juicy videos and in these latest video, She was seen dancing with her backside to the camera as the video was recorded in slow motion.


Another snippet of the video showed her wearing a skimpy red dress while shaking and trembles her big derriere like an earth mover.



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