It’s Too Painful: Mum cries as she brea’stfeeds her baby for the first time [watch video]


Being a mother is not easy and a lady reiterated this by showcasing an emotional moment in which she breastfed her newborn for the first time at the hospital.


Apparently, she had the baby via a C-section surgery and was breastfeeding the newborn after leaving the theatre.


The new mum shed tears and screamed as the baby drank bre*ast milk in the TikTok video.


She explained that the pain was a result of her sore nipp*les due to latching incorrectly.


She however endured the pain and watched as the kid fed. She went on to share a lovely snap of her and the child a year later.


Her clip elicited reactions from netizens who were full of praise for mothers.





@selena22779 My breastfeeding journey…. dont mind the look that i just had csection and had to go in theater all natrual❤️🥰#proudmom #supermom #fyp #viral ♬ Why I Love You – MAJOR.

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