Why don’t you look like me after 9 months inside me?: – Mum questions Her her albino baby


A TikTOk mum, Queen Celestina Mung has jokingly questioned her baby for not looking like her.


Queen posted the video that has now gone viral, jokingly saying the baby failed to look like her after spending 9 months in her womb.


Queen’s baby came out as an albino, and this was obviously why she was questioning her.



The baby just looked at her in amazement, not knowing what she was talking about in the touching clip.


Mum said;


“I carried you inside me for like 9 months and you have the nerves to come out and not look like me.”


Why a kid may have albinism According to Kids Health, albinism happens when someone lacks the right amount of melanin in their body.


“It happens because they have less melanin than usual in their body. Melanin gives skin, hair, and eyes their colour.

Except for vision problems, most people with albinism are just as healthy as anyone else.”


Watch the video below: 


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