“Don’t Leave me Here”: Baby grabs mum’s dress, sleeps with it in viral video


A mum known on TikTok as Sasha laid her baby boy to sleep and was happy that she could finally go and rest her head


But the problem was that the baby grabbed her dress tightly and slept off as he totally refused to let go


To remedy the situation, the Nigerian mum shared a video where she was trying to use scissors to cut off part of the cloth


A trending TikTok video has shown how a baby boy grabbed his mother’s dress and slept off with it.


In the video posted by Sasha, the mum explained that she was too happy when the baby slept off.


Sasha was hoping to go on and do some other things in the house, or better still, take some rest from babysitting.


But that would not be as the baby refused to let go of her cloth in the video.


Mum tries to cut cloth with scissors


To remedy the curious situation, Sasha opted to use scissors and cut off the part of the dress the baby grabbed so that she could leave the scene without waking him up.


But as she was trying to cut it off, the baby eventually woke up. The video has sparked reactions.


According to Scienceabc, there is a reason why babies have tight grips. It says: “Babies have a tight grip because it is a bodily reflex known as the Palmar Grasp Reflex (or simply the grasp reflex), which is typically observed in infants.”


Watch the video below: 


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