“I Tap This Blessing”: Beautiful Video of Quadruplets Who Are All Boys Goes Viral As They Clock One Year


A beautiful mum has taken to to TikTok to flaunt her beautiful quadruplets in a video that has melted many hearts


The quadruplets are all boys and their video was posted on Saturday, November 5 by a TikToker identified as Confidence


The video has elicited reactions from other lovers of good thing on the platform as they rushed to tap from the huge blessing


A TikTok video of beautiful quadruplets has gone viral and attracted emotional reactions from netizens.


The heartwarming clip lasting just 24 seconds captures the four kids who just clocked one-year-old.


The video was posted by a TikToker identified as Confidence and it was made to celebrate the adorable kids on first their birthday.


Handsome quadruplets who are all boys

Their mother was seen clutching them and brimming with joy and uncontrollable happiness.


The children are all boys and they all appear very handsome and healthy as they are shown in different periods of their growth. Playing in the background of the video is ‘Happy Birthday’ by Nigerian singer, Simi.


Watch the video below


@1confidence1♬ original sound – A_Adedoja

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