“Is That Your Hair?” Beautiful Little Girl With Thick, Dark Hair Goes Viral, Video Emerges


A beautiful little girl who is blessed with a thick dark hair has taken to TikTok to show it off in a viral video


In the video posted on Thursday, November 17 by Gabonesa, the girl proudly swung her hair from side to side


The thickness and length of the hair has excited so many TikTokers who rushed to the comments to share their thoughts


The video of a beautiful little girl who is blessed with a thick, dark hair has gone viral on TikTok.


The 21 seconds clip posted by Gabonesa shows the girl standing in a room and playing with her massive hair.


Standing in from of a television, the pretty little girl swung her head from one side to the other


The way she behaved, it was clear that she was displaying the full leagth and thickness of her hair to the camera.


A lot of reactions have followed the video as a people wondered if what she is carrying is really her hair or artificial attachments.


Watch the video below:



DJ Tassouman – Meiway


Reactions from TikTok users

Meanwhile, many TikTok users have fallen head over heels in love with the girl’s beautiful hair. At the moment, the video has over 11.8k likes and more than 250 shares.

See some of the comments on the video below:


@Musuamba Dorcas said: “Nice hair.”


@ladyt2929 reacted: “Beautiful hair.”

@salmocabdulahi706 said: “Wow, your hair is beautiful.”


@naenae reacted: “Lots of hair is beautiful.”


@Mary Mary asked: “Is that your hair?”


@sheilastift said: “You are so cutte little angel with so mucht hair”

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