“Very Impressive”: Nigerian Student Speaks Like British in Class, Wows Many With Her Accent.


A smart Nigerian girl in school has shown off her great spoken English skill as she used the British accent fluently


The girl stood in her class, speaking as if she was born abroad as she talked about a character to her teacher


Nigerians who watched the student speak commended her teacher and wanted to know how to reach him


An English teacher, @BlackEnglishman007, has shared a short video of one of his students speaking brilliantly in a British accent in a class.


Speaking like she was reading movie lines, the Nigerian girl narrated the life of a character as other classmates watched her.


Nigerian girl uses British accent She was so comfortable with the language and accent rolling off her tongue.


The smart student breezed through her words easily as she used the desks near her as support.


After she was done talking, her teacher commended her for a great job done. Many social media users were wowed by the student’s performance.


Watch the video below: 

@chocho007Paula ❤💯✅

♬ original sound – BlackEnglishman007


People’s comments

Lalasky said: “Cast her for Bridgerton season 3.”


user3497286013396 said: “How much I love her accent, but I want us to speak with our indigenous language also.”

Jean Dike said: “Impressive,not forced..e dey flow ehh!”


Unsure_player said: “Definition of!!!!! We re not in the same levels, see how that other boy dey look around dey wonder if na still 9ja dem dey.”


Orchid said: “Wow! this is fantastic, not to mention the confidence. good job teacher.”

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