“Take N2k & buy something for yourself”: Lady gives money to man hawking boxers


A young Nigerian content creator, @cutieee_flawless, has put big smiles on the faces of strangers as she blessed them with money on the street.


The person she first approached was a hawker selling boxers. She gave him a note that read:


“God is going to reward all your hard work, take this N2k and buy something for yourself.”

Nigerian lady blessed strangers

After seconds of reading the note, the hawker turned around with a smile, collected the money from the lady and curtsied to show that he was grateful.

She repeated the same favour to a mother of one selling by the roadside and a male labourer mowing grass. They were all very happy.


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As at the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 200 comments with more than 11,000 likes.


See some of the reactions below:


successgregory said:


“Deep down I want to do this but my own problem pass me self.”


user3390040882140 said:


“The way the first guy bent to say thank you got me teary.”


Anthony Ocran said:


“One thing I love about Nigeria is, almost everyone is able to read.”


iyaoba36 said:


“Its how almost everybody in Nigeria can read for me. Nigeria is really a literate country, make i just use this wan hold body.”

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