5 Top Players Who Have Played For Both Arsenal And Chelsea, And The Records Created In Each Club.

Yesterday, Arsenal played against Chelsea in the Premier League, and to the surprise of EPL fans, Arsenal defeated Chelsea by 2-4. Being one of the strongest teams in the Premier League, it was believed that Chelsea would defeat Arsenal in the game yesterday, but the result came out unexpected.


Bukayo Saka scored the 4th goal for Arsenal after a penalty was awarded in their favor

Based on the result of the game, Arsenal is now fifth on the EPL table for this season, while Chelsea remains the 3rd on the table.


Being two of the best teams in the Premier League, different players have played for the clubs over the years. However, some players have once played for both clubs. That is, while they played for Arsenal, they also played for Chelsea.


Hence, we will be seeing five (5) top players in this category, who have played for both Chelsea and Arsenal over the years.


Below are the five (5) players who have played for the 2 clubs, and the records created by each player for each of the clubs:

1. Petr Cech

For Chelsea:

• Played 494 games

For Arsenal:

• Played 139 games

2. Olivier Giroud

For Chelsea:

• Played 119 games

• Scored 39 goals

For Arsenal:

• Played 253 games

• Scored 105 goals

3. Cesc Fabregas

For Chelsea:

• Played 198 games

• Scored 22 goals

For Arsenal:

• Played 303 games

• Scored 57 goals

4. David Luis

For Chelsea:

• Played 248 games

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• Scored 18 goals

For Arsenal:

• Played 73 games

• Scored 4 goals

5. Ashley Cole

For Chelsea:

• Played 337 games

• Scored 7 goals

For Arsenal:

• Played 228 games

• Scored 9 goals

These are the only players who have played for both Chelsea and Arsenal in football history, and out of these 5 players, some of them have retired from football while others are currently playing for other clubs apart from both Chelsea and Arsenal.

What do you think about this? How well can you rate these players when they played for both Arsenal and Chelsea?

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