5 Ways Men Easily Deceive Young Girls To Defile Them. - CoolBaze.com

5 Ways Men Easily Deceive Young Girls To Defile Them.

5 Ways Men Easily Deceive Young Girls To Defile Them.

Sure, we’re all used to a bit of lying when it comes to dating and courtship, but ‘romantic deception’ is qualitatively different.

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Romantic deception isn’t about the little white lies or excessive flattery or emotional misrepresentations. Romantic deception is about a man misrepresenting who or what he is lying about his marital status, education, occupation, or background.

It’s one thing if someone tells you he’s going to love you forever, but then the relationship goes sour he lies in other to get you bed he has no feelings for you . That’s just an emotional promise that didn’t come true.

It’s a different matter altogether when a man makes factual misrepresentations when he claims to be something he isn’t. That’s what I call ‘romantic deception. He lies to you in order to lure you to bed and sleep with you. These are their tricks they use in luring ladies to bed.

Killings here and there, using our ladies for money ritual, raping them, rendering their lives useless, making them single mothers because the society failed to safeguard them and some them are after rich mem you barely know or how he made his money.

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1. When hanging out with your date he insists you take alcohol or force you out of your wish that’s one of their tricks they intoxicate ladies and lure them to bed be wise ladies.

2. He always invites you to sleep over at his place but not ready to go see your parents for marriage that’s how some men will keep a lady for their sexual satisfaction and will never marry her while she keeps performing all the house attributes to him.

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3. He tells you the only to approve your love to him is by sleeping with him my sister that’s a lie you can prove your love to him by sleeping with him he lies. Stay away from such men for your own good.

4. Some guys know most ladies love money and can’t say no to a rich guy. They will use money to ruin you, buy iPhones, taking you to expensive dinner, take you to mall and afterwards use you for money ritual. Be wise not all that glitters is gold.

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5. Some guys will promise to make you a big girl, take you to parties, sleep with you, offer you to other guys for money and will end up not marrying you because you’re naive and wants to chill with the big boys grow up girl and be smart.

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