Andy Robertson on Leipzig win, Nunez, training camp and five years at LFC


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Andy Robertson is optimistic for a bright and trophy-filled future with Liverpool after celebrating his five-year anniversary at the club on Thursday.


The 2017 arrival from Hull City marked the occasion with a first-half showing in the Reds’ 5-0 victory over RB Leipzig in a pre-season friendly in Germany.


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Darwin Nunez came off the bench following half-time to score four goals as he added to Mohamed Salah’s eighth-minute opener against the Bundesliga side.


After the workout at the Red Bull Arena, Robertson spoke to to discuss the result over Leipzig, Nunez’s display and his time at Liverpool so far. Read on for the interview in full…


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As games go, that was pretty much the perfect night. You were in full control pretty much from start to finish. What were your thoughts? 

Really difficult game for us in terms of preparation – flying on the day, doing stuff that we don’t usually do.


The manager always likes throwing one of them in in pre-season – coming a bit later to the stadium, trying to rush through your preparation and things like that.


Obviously we have to deal with it and we know there’s always one of them in pre-season, so we’re a bit more accustomed to it now.


First half was tough and obviously got an early goal and then maybe could’ve controlled it a wee bit better, had a couple more chances and things like that.


But it was a good workout for us. Second half obviously was the Darwin show, which we’re obviously delighted about. Getting off the mark and then adding another three, it’s not too bad! But hopefully many more to come for him.

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A good workout for us, all in the legs, doesn’t seem to be any injuries, things like that, so a good night all around.

Darwin will obviously take the headlines and it’s early days, but how much are you enjoying playing alongside him and what qualities is he bringing to this team?


It always takes time to get used to new signings. We’ve all been through it ourselves, so it’s no different. Maybe there’s outside pressure on him in terms of the fee and everything like that, but to us it doesn’t matter.


People have come in on small fees, big fees – it doesn’t matter. We know they have to take time to get used to our system, get used to our style of play, to get used to how we want them to play and things like that.


He’s adapting, he’s getting fitter, he’s getting stronger – like all of us are in pre-season – and he needs time to adapt. Today will do him a world of good.


Today will give him a lot of confidence in terms of in front of goal and everything, which is obviously so important for a striker. So, delighted about that and we don’t have any worries about him.


But it’s just about having a bit of time with him, having a bit of patience, and we’ve got that and hopefully the Liverpool fans have it as well.

Moving on to Austria and the training camp, I know the boss really likes to work you really hard over this next week or so. Are you looking forward to that?

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I don’t think any of us look forward to Austria! It’s always when it gets ramped up a little bit, always that wee bit harder and things like that – but it’s so important. That’s always where the foundations are laid.


It used to be Evian, now it’s Austria and it’s the exact same – tough sessions, trying to get us closer to where we need to be for the first game of the season.

So, all I’m thinking of is by the end of the week we’ll be in a lot better position. That’s the only way you get through it.


But we look forward to it, good team bonding, trying to get through it together, pushing each other, getting fitter together and everything like that.


It’s good, not enjoyable, but always good and we look forward to the hard work. Like I said, by the time we’re flying home then we’ll be in a lot better place for the season to start.


On a personal note, this Leipzig game fell on your five-year anniversary of becoming a Liverpool player. When you look back on signing that contract back in 2017, if you could have envisaged everything that you’ve achieved over the past five years, you would have thought you were dreaming… 

I dreamed of it, of course I did, but maybe it wasn’t a reality. But the fact is that we’ve managed to turn it into reality.


I’ve maybe played a tiny part in that but the lads, the manager and everyone behind it, we’ve just pushed and we’ve obviously achieved a lot of great things.

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On that day it was a huge honour for me to sign for the club. A lot of people said that the club don’t really win stuff without Scottish players, so obviously when I signed then I wanted to achieve it.


We’ve obviously got a long history of Scottish players playing for this club, legends in their own right, and the fact I can be a part of this club, it meant a lot that day and it still means a lot now. So, hopefully many more years to come.


Five years have flown by. It felt like yesterday that I was signing and it’s crazy that that time has passed. I’m a wee bit older, a wee bit wiser now, certainly look a bit older now than the day I signed! I probably looked like a boy, now a wee bit older.


It’s amazing playing for this club, I don’t want it to end, I want it to continue for as many years as I can. But five years is incredible but now I look to the next five. I’m always one to look forward and hopefully we can achieve a lot more things.

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