‘England’s best right-back they said’: Liverpool fans ridicule Reece James after comical own goal


Chelsea defeated Club America 2-1 in a friendly earlier on Sunday. The Blues conceded a hilarious own goal, with Reece James literally passing the ball into the net.



It’s safe to say Liverpool fans were not impressed with James, given his claim to be the best right-back in England. Here are some takes off Twitter.

Julian: “Great goal. ‘Well rounded’ player”

Christian: “People really tried to push the agenda that Reece James is better than Trent.”

ShaunLFCT: “England’s best right-back they said. I am laughing”

FabioRole: “Reece James tried to pass like Trent and ended up scoring in his own goal”

Angel: “Reece James own goal and I’m meant to believe he’s better than Trent.”


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