English Premier League Clubs With The Best Big Chance Conversion Rate This Season Ranked

Big chances” are chances that, if taken advantage of, have the potential to result in a goal. Such opportunities need the use of the top finishers who are capable of converting them into goals.


In this season’s English Premier League season, Liverpool has the highest big chance conversion rate of any team in the league’s history. This season, Liverpool’s big chance conversion percentage in the Premier League is 54.1 percent.


In the 32 Premier League matches that they have played so far this season, they have scored a total of 83 goals. They have strong finishers on their team, like as Mohamed Salah, who has 22 goals in the Premier League this season.


Leicester City, with a conversion rate of 54 percent, has the second-best big chance conversion percentage in the English Premier League this season. This season, Leicester City has scored 47 goals in the Premier League.

Chelsea has the third-highest big chance conversion percentage in the English Premier League this season, at 50.7 percent, after Manchester United and Liverpool. This season, Chelsea have scored 66 goals in the English Premier League.


This season, Everton has a 50.0 percent big chance conversion rate in the English Premier League, which is the most in the league.

As shown below, clubs in the English Premier League’s 2021/2022 season were ranked according to their big chance conversion rate.


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