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EPL Club That Liverpool Might Find It Hard To Defeat In The Remaining Part Of The Season

Liverpool has been in the top four in the Premier League this season, and they’ve held on to second place in the table for a long time. They are just one point behind league leaders Manchester City with five games still to play before the season comes to a close.

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The Reds have enjoyed a strong season, with just two defeats in the Premier League so far this year. This demonstrates their willingness to compete for the championship. Many teams have attempted to slow their opponents’ tempo, but they have always failed miserably.


They’ve beaten some of the best teams in the league this season, including Manchester United and Arsenal, whom they defeated both at home and away.

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Things, on the other hand, may be different when they meet Tottenham in the second leg. Spurs and Liverpool played to a 2-2 tie the previous time they met in the Premier League. Their next encounter will take place next month in the second leg, with both teams hoping to take home all three points.


Tottenham is putting in extra effort to finish in the top four, knowing that they will be up against stiff opposition from Manchester United and Arsenal. This implies that if they want to compete in the Champions League next season, they must win all of their remaining matches, if at all feasible.

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At the moment, they are coached by one of the top managers in Europe, Antonio Conte, who previously guided Chelsea to the Premier League title a few years ago. As a result of their recent success, Liverpool will likely find it difficult to overcome them when they visit Anfield on May 7th, 2018.

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In fact, they are one of the teams that has scored the most goals since it all started in January of this season. This demonstrates how good they have been in recent years.

As a result, Liverpool may have a difficult time defeating Tottenham in the remaining weeks of the season.

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