EPL: The TOP Six English premier league clubs with the highest wage bills


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Manchester City, led by Pep Guardiola, tops the list of Premier League teams with the highest average salaries, followed by Manchester United and Tottenham.


Manchester City, which has won four of the previous five Premier League titles, will be on for a third straight win.

Fans of Manchester United, who are very near the top of the list despite not having won a championship in ten seasons, may be wishing for a complete overhaul after their team dropped to the bottom of the standings.

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According to The Athletic, City have the highest salary budget in the league at £355 million annually, with Chelsea coming in second at £343 million.


Manchester United, which is currently in 20th place in the Premier League table, has a wage bill of £323 million, while Liverpool, which last won the title in 2019-20, has a wage bill of £314 million.


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The top six teams include rivals from North London, Arsenal and Tottenham, with Arsenal spending $244 million annually compared to Tottenham’s $205 million.


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