Erik Ten Hag’s Remarks Demonstrate Why Ronaldo Might Still Start For Manchester United This season


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Erik ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United, may decide to bring Cristiano Ronaldo off the bench sooner rather than later due to his philosophy towards his starting lineup.


The time for the club and Ronaldo to decide on his future at United is running out as the September 1 transfer deadline approaches.


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The Italian powerhouses are attempting to sign the 37-year-old attacker this summer, and The MEN reported earlier this week that Napoli had spoken with Ronaldo’s representative.


The future of the Portuguese international has become a topic of increased conjecture following Ten Hag’s choice to sideline Ronaldo against Liverpool and subsequently Southampton.

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There is no doubt that all parties want to end the protracted crisis, but it is unclear what that resolution will entail.


Ten Hag’s attack will take on a new angle with Antony’s confirmed transfer from Ajax to United. The Brazilian wants to add his flair and skill to the squad.


The Dutchman wanted to diversify and balance his approach by introducing a left-footed attacker.


Now that United has a number of versatile, dynamic players in the final third, it is unclear how Ronaldo will be able to rejoin the starting lineup.


The 37-year-old might not have to wait as long as some might think if he stays with the team for the rest of the current season.


Ten Hag stated the following to Dutch Soccer Site about his viewpoint on assured starters while he was still at Ajax:


“But no one is, in my book [a guaranteed starter]. And I mentioned it to them. Yes, there is a hierarchy, but regardless of your age—19 or 29—you play when you’re the best for the job.

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The United manager demonstrated his understanding of the value of rotation earlier in the preseason while speaking about the hectic Premier League calendar.


“There is a reason you need more alternatives in offense in a number of games,” he remarked. The season is quite long, but we still have time to fill that in, so I believe it’s essential if you want to succeed.


Prior to playing Arsenal at home on Sunday at Old Trafford, United will travel to Leicester on Thursday night.


Rotation is important because the Reds have two games in four days, especially considering Mikel Arteta’s team has an extra day to prepare because they played Aston Villa on Wednesday night.


The schedule will only get more crowded with the anticipated inclusion of Europa League games to United’s schedule. The depth requirements at Old Trafford this season are further complicated by the World Cup this year.


Although Ronaldo may not now be Ten Hag’s favorite player, this season will see a larger than ever emphasis placed on his value to United’s lineup.


It might happen much sooner than expected for the man who has 18 league goals last year to get back into the starting lineup.



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