Ex-Premier League referee: Liverpool should be set for VAR overhaul after major reveal

The current VAR system should not be used to judge close offside decisions involving Liverpool and the rest of the Premier League, according to Keith Hackett.

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Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-Premier League referee and former head of the PGMOL claimed decisions should be made by assistant referees before a semi-automated system is introduced.

As relayed by the Daily Mail earlier this week (20 July), a study from the University of Bath claimed that the cameras used cannot keep up with fast movements so VAR officials have to use their own judgement to make the calls.

That is not always accurate as they are based on blurry images meaning the wrong decision is often made.

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The World Cup in Qatar is using a new semi-automated system to judge close offside calls and Hackett has suggested this study proves it is needed in the Premier League.


He told Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley: “I think it confirms what I’ve basically been saying.

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“Why are Fifa at the World Cup going to introduce a semi-automated system? They are doing that because the current system is not accurate enough.

“I’ve argued on many, many occasions about the speed on the cameras used and the level of the technology used.

“I don’t disagree with their findings, I think they are accurate.

“We have been making decisions on a toe being offside but the technology doesn’t give you that level of accuracy. The camera speeds and delays from the ball being kicked and the decision being made.

“That semi-automated system at the top level should be introduced as part of the VAR package.


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“What happens in France is when the lines in the system converge in an area of interrogation, they go with the assistant referee’s decision, not the VAR.

“I think that, for me, if the technology is flawed then that seems the sensible route.


“The real answer I think is going to be the semi-automated VAR system.

“The English assistant referees have been in a class of their own and as a former boss I was always astounded by some of their decisions.”

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