Fans React To Klopp’s Statement About Playing Against Tuchel Chelsea Last Season (Photos)



Chelsea fans have been quite excited during last season’s fixtures but they were also disappointed in some of those fixtures of last season.

Thomas Tuchel was able to be in two League finals last season but lose two of those finals to Liverpool. Liverpool was one of the most talked about football teams in the world last season.


Jurgen Klopp was aiming to win four trophies last season but Manchester City and Real Madrid deprived him of those chances. Liverpool was becoming more fierce and feared amongst the Premier League club.


When Jurgen Klopp was asked how much gap Liverpool gave Chelsea last season in the Premier League based on points, his response was unexpected and true.


Check the image below for Jurgen Klopp’s statement.



The fans were amazed that the Liverpool manager also acknowledge the performance of Thomas Tuchel‘s team. Check the images below for fans’ reactions.

Chelsea played quite responsibly last season and they are expected to bounce back stronger during this season’s fixtures and hopefully win a trophy under the name of the new owner.


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