Guardiola Insists Liverpool Could Win EPL Under One Condition


The English Premier League title, which is hotly fought between Liverpool and Manchester City, is still up in the air with only four matches remaining before the season’s conclusion in 2021/2022.

After scoring four goals against Leeds United on Saturday, the Citizens were able to maintain their grip on first place in the league. The reds from Merseyside, who are struggling to keep their heads above water, managed to escape with a narrow 1-0 victory over the in-form Magpies at St James Park.

According to the current state of the game, the title might be decided on the day that either of these two heavyweights loses a match. The citizens could just as well keep the trophy they have won in their matches in the past.

The head coach of Manchester City believes Liverpool can still win the Premier League title this season, but only under one condition, after receiving a major boost

Their hands are currently holding the title, according to the Sparniad. He believes, however, that if they concede a defeat in any of their remaining matches, they would be able to easily lose the title to Klopp and his team.

“It’s in our hands,” he stated emphatically. “Newcastle, Wolves, West Ham, and Aston Villa are the teams to watch.” We’ve known exactly what we need to do for a month and a half, if not two months, at this point. If we win, we shall be crowned world champions. In the event that we lose points, [Liverpool] will be crowned champions.”

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