How Barcelona Compared Lewandowski and Benzema Before Picking a Better striker “Lewandowski”.


The 2022/23 season should mark the beginning of a big rivalry between Robert Lewandowski and Karim Benzema.


Who turns out to be a better striker if we compare their stats?

What does this tell us? Benzema is a bit better than Lewandowski at scoring from difficult positions. The Frenchman massively overperforms his xG stats, unlike Lewandowski who scores just a bit more goals than he should.


Lewandowski is a better – and a more active – shooter than Benzema.

However, Karim is a bit more clinical when it comes to shots on target.

Areas covered

Lewandowski’s 2021/22 heat map in Bundesliga

Benzema’s 2021/22 heat map in LaLiga

Already by looking at these maps, one can say Benzema does more work in the buildup than the Polish striker.


That is true – Lewandowski is a more classic inside-the-box forward; here is another stat to prove it 👇


Even though Lewandowski made a few more appearances in the Bundesliga than Benzema in La Liga last season, he is still way behind the Frenchman in the most passing stats.

Defensive actions

Lewandowski is not a lazy striker who just waits for the ball to come to his feet. He pressures the opposition a lot and is active defensively.


The 33-year-old beats Benzema in pressures, tackles, interceptions, recoveries and even blocks.

What else Lewandowski is better than Benzema at?

At fouls drawn (44 against 12) – although Benzema is generally better at dribbling – and winning aerials (49% against 30%).



Lewandowski is currently a better goalscorer and a shooter while Benzema is a bit more helpful in the build-up, proving how complete he is.

Let’s just sit and enjoy the two strikers in their prime, hoping that Lewandowski will carry his crazy goalscoring form to La Liga.

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