Liverpool fans slammed for Luis Diaz flag that makes crass cocaine reference


A small group of Liverpool fans have been slammed for posing with an offensive flag ahead of the Champions League final.

The Reds fans posed online with a banner to commemorate Luis Diaz, who arrived at Anfield from Porto in January. The piece, which spelt the country incorrectly, read: “Only Columbia’s [sic] finest gets through Liverpool customs.”

Diaz, 25, is from Colombia, a nation often associated with the class A drug owing to high-profile reports of crime surrounding the drug. The text not only offended some because of its negative connotations about the Latin American country but they were also annoyed as the banner misspelled ‘Columbia’ wrong. One fan raged online at the viral pic: “Well done. You managed to insult Luis Díaz’s country twice. By misspelling Colombia and stereotyping the nation into this drug-infested country cause you get all your cultural lessons from Narcos.”

Another scorned: “Two of my biggest pet peeves as a Colombian in one banner. Not so brilliant, pal. Maybe Diaz doesn’t care but that sh**’s annoying.”

A third scathed: “Supporting my favourite player by insulting his country.”

Another bemoaned: “I’ve only known one Colombian person in my life and he hated two things: the name of his country being misspelled and the drug trafficking stereotype. Hope this one is left at home.”

A last one blasted: “If by brilliant you’re referencing to your own levels of ineptitude, then go little rockstar. Not only are you diluted enough to misspell Colombia but insanely stupid to call yourself a fan of the team one of your own players has been shining for. Stupid clearly has no limits.”

Diaz has scored six goals and provided five assists in 25 appearances since arriving from Portugal last January. He will be hoping to help his side earn their second Champions League trophy under Jurgen Klopp as Liverpool face Real Madrid at the Stade De France.

Despite missing out on the Premier League, Liverpool have a chance of winning a treble, having already claimed the FA Cup and League Cup.


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