Maguire; Manchester United falling ‘below expectations’ after ‘unusual’ £238m News Surfaces.

Kieran Maguire has claimed TeamViewer may have chosen not to renew their sponsorship deal with Man United because of the club’s poor form on the pitch.

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Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the football finance expert said commercial partners “want to align themselves with trophies.”

In their second quarter statement (3 August), TeamViewer confirmed they would not be renewing their £47.5million-a-year deal with the Red Devils.


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The two signed a five-year contract in March of last year, but after just one season TeamViewer has decided it is not delivering a full return on investment.

Maguire said the timing of the decision is “unusual.”

“It looks like TeamViewer has realised that the return on investment is not going to meet its expectations,” he told Football Insider.

“Given the niche nature of TeamViewer’s product, that is perhaps understandable.

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“Commercial partners want to align themselves with trophies. They want to put their brand, their managing director and their board next to the Premier League trophy.


“Manchester United are not going to win the Premier League this year. They have not made the greatest of starts. They cannot deliver some of the things that sponsors want.

“It is unusual that we are having this conversation in 2022. It is indicative of just how far below expectations Manchester United have fallen.

“They might have got some higher profits but it is questionable as to whether it was worth the amount of money that was spent.”


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