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Make Money Breaking Kernel Nuts Shell 2022

Make Money Breaking Kernel Nuts Shell 2022

In this business you can choose the area you want to Belong or you can do all. You can buy and sell kernel nuts, you can buy, process and sell it or you can only process for people who already bought. But we are going to talk about how to make money breaking Kernel Nuts Shell 2022.

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What Do You Do Here?

Here you serve as a person offering services only. You can as we decide to buy your own and still break or crack and sell it.

What am trying to say is that you can only Break or crack and people pay you. There’s money to be made here. This is because Palm Kernel nuts is in high demand and always in huge demand.


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Get Your Capital And Tools Ready.

You will need money to buy a suitable cracking machine. The money is your capital and the cracking machine is your tool. You will also need money to pay for your location.


Types Of Cracking Machine

There are two types of cracking machine depending on the one that you can afford:

The normal Cracking Machine and   Cracking Machine And Seperator.

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The normal Cracking Machine breaks kernel nuts without separating from the shell. It’s mixed together and you manually separate them after breaking.

Then Cracking Machine And Seperator.

This particular one breaks at the same time separates the nuts from the shell.

Here there’s no much work to be done. But it is usually more expensive than the normal Cracking Machine.

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Where To Site Your Location.

You will not keep your Cracking Machine at home and expect customers to flood and pay you unless you have your own plenty Kernel nuts to break.

Where you site location really matters. And the best place is an Oil Mill. Any oil Mill close to you is good to site your location. If you can do this then you will be flooded with Customers. So an Oil Mill is your best bet.

Make Money Breaking Kernel Nuts Shell 2022.

Once you have sited your Cracking Machine In the Oil Mil, set your price and charge per bag.

If you are in Nigeria you can Charge up to #500 per bag.

So, if you can break up to 10 to 20 bags of kernel Nuts in a day, then you are looking at #5000 to #10000 in a day.

That is how it goes. You always fix your Cracking Machine And make sure that it is intact so that you don’t miss customers.


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