Messi’s biggest friends vs biggest haters: How these two sides could line up

Leo Messi has had multiple friends and rivals in football. Let’s take a look at the biggest ones La Pulga has made over the years.

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Being a professional footballer is always a hard task.


One truly suffocating trait the player must possess is professionalism . A footballer must keep cool at all cost, on and off the pitch under any circumstances.

It’s very hard to keep your cool once someone has gotten in your head with their taunts all game. Some are known for their unsportsmanlike behaviour and are often reprimanded for their offences by the fans, if not the referees.

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A good example of this type of player could be Emre Can, the German midfielder lost his cool at the Parc Des Princes a few weeks ago and was deservedly criticized for his tough tackle on Neymar and it got him sent off.


He continued to rattle Neymar after his expulsion and was reprimanded by the whole footballing world for his antics.

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Normally, less problematic players are likely to be adored by the whole globe, even by their rivals.

It’s fair to say Leo Messi has been a fairly professional player in his whole career and has made many acquaintances throughout his illustrious career at Camp Nou. However, he has also disagreed with many others and argued with them during games.

Let’s take a look at Leo’s best friends and enemies in the football world and make a lineup out of it.

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