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Nigerian lady destroys items in her boyfriend’s apartment out of rage (video)

A young Nigerian lady has destroyed the items and appliances in her boyfriend’s house in a fit of rage.

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In the trending video clip, the young lady literally turned her boyfriend’s apartment upside down and destroyed the electronics in the room.


She pulled down his TV set from the wall hanger, broke his sound system and everything was in shambles.

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Nigerian lady destroys

In the latter part of the video, the young lady is seen sitting down calmly in the room while she was trying to ‘fix’ what she had destroyed.


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Her boyfriend could be heard asking how she can say she loves him when she has spoilt everything in his room.


This has sparked different reactions on social media, with many asking him to thank his stars that he discovered that his woman is destructive before getting married to her.

Watch the video below…

In other news, a Nigerian man took to Twitter to call out a woman for sending him a bill of N35k for food.

The man, identified as @tunjitweet on Twitter, said the lady asked him to buy her lunch and he told her to order a meal and send him the bill.

Shockingly, she sent him a bill of N37k – N35k for a 5 liters pack of jollof rice and N2k for delivery.

After seeing the exorbitant bill, the man accused her of being a glutton and asked what she plans to do with that quantity of food.

He then claimed she told him to just admit that he can’t afford the meal instead of making a big deal out of it.

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Taking to Twitter, he wrote,

“Someone asked me for lunch this noon, i said choose your meal and send the bill. she went to just jollof page to pick 5L rice of 35k and delivery 2k and sent me 37k bill.

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