Opinion: A vital tactic Tuchel should implore in order to rebuild Chelsea’s squad to a stronger squad.

The English Premier League title race reached an end yesterday, and Manchester City became the champions once more. Manchester City’s squad made an outstanding comeback against Aston Villa to clinch the premier league trophy. Aston Villa allowed their 2-0 victory over Manchester City to be overturned into a 3-2 comeback for Manchester City.

The climax of the English Premier League competition would usher in the solemnity of many managers in seeking ways to develop their squads the more. And Chelsea‘s head coach, Tuchel is not exempted.

Because Thomas Tuchel has made his intentions known about his desire in building a Chelsea squad that will be the best in the world. This means that an overhaul in the Chelsea squad is inevitable in the upcoming summer transfer window.

However, there is one tactic Tuchel should consider imploring, to succeed in rebuilding a great Chelsea squad.

This includes:

Thomas Tuchel should be bold to inform any player that is not on his agenda for next season to leave before the pre-season kicks off:

Thomas Tuchel as a manager is fully aware of the players that are part of his plans for next season’s campaign. Hence, he (Tuchel) should be fair in letting these players that are not in his plans for next season exit the Stamford Bridge. As this would help him focus on building his preferred players, rather than trying them in the pre-season which isn’t enough for trying a player’s capabilities.

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