Opinion: Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford need to be dropped from the first team.

A lot of criticism should be leveled at Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford for their actions while wearing a Manchester United jersey.

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Numerous players have received negative feedback for their performances, both on Saturday and in recent weeks and months.


Ten Hag doesn’t want to accuse individuals, but that is precisely what he should be doing. The two wide boys is where I would start without a doubt. Rashford and Sancho.

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Two young men with a lot of talent.

Since moving to Manchester United, Sancho has had it considerably easier than Rashford, who has struggled far more both on and off the field. Sancho is such a failure.


I never see him taking on full-backs; I only ever see him making it to the byline. Rashford faced off against 20-year-old Hickey.

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He recently played in his first match while wearing a Brentford jersey; he is up against a young, 20-year-old full-back and hasn’t even tried to get past him.


Early in the game, when he was playing on his left side, he was caught, so he gave up and didn’t do it again. So if it doesn’t happen for you then you won’t try it again?

I think Rashford should move from Old Trafford amid transfer links to Paris Saint-Germain this summer.

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