‘People don’t realise the risk’: Cule explains why Laporta makes crazy bet by spending €200m on transfers

Joan Laporta is going to spend around €200m – or even more – on the incoming transfers this summer.

Those are the investments that must guarantee us sporting success. Otherwise, the club will be at risk of another Bartomeu-like crisis in the next few years.

Here is how Cule nicknamed Barcalev explains it.

“People don’t realise the risk Laporta is taking by aiming for a 200M transfer window.

“He could easily decide to heal the club financially over the next 2-3 years by focusing on free transfers, renewals and youth. Most socios would accept this.


We love the club enough to continue loving our club through hard times. Heck, win or lose, the focus on youth is refreshing after the haphazard spending or the Bartomeu years that got us in this mess.

“What would NOT be accepted, however, is selling 25% of our TV rights for the next 25 years to sign LewandowskiRaphinhaKoundeAzpilicuetaKessie and Christensen and NOT be successful.

“Laporta is betting and betting big. He is betting that injecting 200M into the sporting project translates into sporting success (prize money) and commercial success (linked to popularity stemming from the sporting success).

“But spending 200M does not guarantee sporting success, not even for the best-run club (how often has City suffered humiliating CL defeats against non-elite opponents?). Nor is domestic success a given, Real Madrid has an incredible squad as well.


“So yeah, the notion that Laporta is taking the easy way out by signing players to make him popular regardless of the cost is misplaced. He is putting his balls on the line. Let’s hope it works out.”

Laporta’s ideas are clear – making Barca great again here and now, healing the club’s finances simultaneously.


However, if the Catalans struggle at a sporting level with those crazy new signings, this healing will not be smooth at all.

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