Rashford sends message to Manchester United fans after defeat, it’s a new approach


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‘Now let’s wait for the apology tweets’, Manchester United fans collectively groaned after the 2-1 home defeat to Brighton to start the season.


Supporters quickly became fed up of these last season as defeats piled up amid a depressing campaign. A loss certainly wasn’t how we wanted this year to begin.


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Marcus Rashford is one of the players who communicates openly on social media. He has been chastised for doing so in the past.


This season there was no long-winded apology tweet from Rashford or a blasé ‘we go again’. He has taken a different approach this time.


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Rashford’s new approach

Rashford took a different approach this time as he sent his first message on social media since the defeat late on Wednesday.


Ending his self-imposed silence after the opening day loss, Rashford sent a picture showing him fully focused in Wednesday’s training session.

This wasn’t a picture of him laughing or joking with his teammates, but one implying he was hard at work and keen to set things right.


Rashford didn’t write any words along with his message, because he quite simply didn’t need to. Nothing he could say right now could help, we have heard it all before.


Supporters want to see performances on the pitch of a high standard, when it matters. Roy Keane blasted United’s pre-season PR on Sunday, speaking before kick-off.


Rashford has judged the mood correctly on this occasion. It’s time for the players to work harder than ever to put this right.

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