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REPORT: 5 Free agents Man United needs to look at this summer transfer window

The Red Devils claim that this window will see a number of notable first-team players go.

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Manchester United’s manager, Erik ten Hag, has been granted a limited budget, and he may use free agents to strengthen the squad before the forthcoming season.

Midway through the season, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was let go, which contributed to United’s disappointing campaign.

The team then hired Ralf Rangnick as an interim manager, but not much happened.

The German had been slated to continue working as a consultant at Old Trafford, but he changed his mind.

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Raphael Varane and Jadon Sancho were purchased by United for sums of £73 million and £34 million, respectively. Additionally, Cristiano Ronaldo traveled back to his homeland, the spot where it all started.

Despite this, the Red Devils finished sixth in the Premier League with their lowest-ever point total and failed to win any trophies or even advance to a cup final.

United had a goal differential of 0 at the end of the season, and they are currently making some substantial changes in an effort to turn things around.

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Erik ten Hag has been selected as the new manager of Manchester United.

Additionally, the club added a few more appointments to the coaching staff and the board of directors.

Christian Eriksen, first

Christian Eriksen has started playing again in the Premier League.

While participating for Denmark in the Euro 2020, he experienced a shocking heart attack and passed out on the pitch.

Thankfully, he made it through, but he had to spend some time away from the battlefield. He returned to the professional game six months ago and has since been playing for Brentford.

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Given that Paul Pogba has declared his intention to leave the team this summer, he may easily make the United squad or perhaps the starting lineup.

United may benefit from Christian Eriksen’s passing and vision, who is renowned for doing so.

He will also emphasize the work ethic that Paul Pogba found difficult to display when representing Manchester United at Old Trafford.

In addition to being a great backup option for cup games, Eriksen and Bruno Fernandes have the potential to be an amazing duo.

Tolisso, Corentin 2.

United should put emphasis on improving their midfield, which Corentin Tolisso might do.

The 27-year-old Frenchman has struggled to play in enough games for Bayern Munich. Due to his infirmities, he has given up his place in the starting lineup.

But he now expects to play a significant role in a squad.

Tolisso is hungry to compete in the Premier League and his skills could help United.

He can approach the penalty area late to secure United’s opportunities and has excellent finishing ability for a midfielder.

His zeal will aid the Red Devils in dominating their opponents and swift ball recovery after a loss.

Osmane Dembele 3.

The 25-year-old winger has begun performing at his best since Xavi was named Barcelona’s manager.

Ousmane Dembele had to miss the most of his time at Barcelona due to injury, and he hardly ever played consecutive games.

Although it seems to have changed since Xavi joined, it seems unlikely that Dembele would agree to a contract extension.

Barcelona is reluctant to extend the player’s contract because of his exorbitant compensation expectations.

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If Manchester United can reach an agreement with Dembele and his representatives, their problems on the right side will be solved.

Dembele is a big threat to any opponent worldwide, and United are currently lacking a right winger.

Dembele can help Cristiano Ronaldo by splitting the goal-scoring and assist responsibilities for United and scoring a lot of goals himself.

Fourth, Andrea Belotti

Cristiano Ronaldo, a 37-year-old striker, is the lone remaining forward for Manchester United.

United will require a backup striker in the event that Cristiano Ronaldo is unable to play or when the manager decides to rest the Portuguese.

The 28-year-old striker was constantly linked to United in 2017, but he finally chose to stay at Torino.

There will be one more opportunity for the Italian to play for United, and they ought to seize it. Like Edinson Cavani, Belotti is a true 9, too.

He is very tenacious when winning the ball back and has excellent instincts for being in the right place at the right moment within the box.

He is exceptional at controlling the ball and participating in physical conflict.

Grillitsch, Florian 5.

Manchester United absolutely needs a center defensive midfielder.

Several top teams, including Arsenal, have shown interest in the Austrian, 25, whose contract expires in June.

He has spent the last five years in the Bundesliga as a star midfielder for Hoffenheim.

But because of illness and injuries, he has had trouble playing. With a new team, he could start over.

Grillitsch possesses the ability to analyze opposing plays and screen the defense, which is exactly what United is looking for right now.

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Also, he can get possession of the ball with ease and initiate a counterattack. In addition, he would be unemployed, making him almost the perfect addition for United.

To avoid missing most of the games due to injury, he must, however, figure out a strategy to stay healthy for the majority of the season.

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