Report; BARCELONA in Tension as they’ve only have Few days left to register new signings

Reports in the media say that Barcelona are in a hurry to register the new signings before August 13. They have already sent the documentation to La Liga and are ready to pull a fourth level and lower some salaries in case it is needed.

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Is the rush explained by some kind of a deadline, though? The answer is no.

Barca have until August 31 to register the new signings for La Liga. The only problem is that they won’t be able to play until that happens.

This haste might be explained in other terms. Joan Laporta has been insisting that Barca is back. Well, the old Barca didn’t have problems registering players.

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Having to face Rayo Vallecano on the opening day without at least some of the new signings would hurt the club’s and president’s image. Spending €150m on new signings and not being able to use them is not the best look.

Even if we register the players at a later point, this would be an indication that our financial problems are still there.

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