REPORT: Kieran Maguire issues ‘scandalous’ Liverpool claim amid latest from France


Liverpool have been “outstanding” allies to their fans in the “scandalous” aftermath of the Champions League final.

That is the view of finance guru Kieran Maguire, speaking exclusively to Football Insider about the findings of the French senate regarding the chaos in Paris back in May.


Liverpool fans were tear-gassed indiscriminately and subjected to heavy-handed policing at the Stade de France in the build-up to the 1-0 defeat against Real Madrid.

Uefa subsequently attributed the distressing scenes to mass ticket fraud.


But as relayed by The Guardian on Wednesday (13 July), the French senate has found that Liverpool fans were unfairly blamed.


Maguire claims that Liverpool fans have been the victims of “lazy stereotyping” throughout the ordeal.


“The lazy stereotyping of football fans, especially English fans, continues in politics at an organisational level for groups such as Uefa,” he told Football Insider’s Adam Williams.

“Sadly, it will take a lot of progress from a cultural and governance point of view to get to an acceptable place. Liverpool as a club have been absolutely outstanding in standing alongside the fanbase.


“It has been quite scandalous. They have made it clear that they will not accept any of the frankly fact-free accusations made against their supporters.


Liverpool have been in constant dialogue with supporters affected by the events in Paris.

They have also offered free tickets in pre-season to the young people who were caught up in the events.

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