REPORTS: What's required for Liverpool to Win all European titles after A 2-2 Draw with the Hammers - CoolBaze.com

REPORTS: What’s required for Liverpool to Win all European titles after A 2-2 Draw with the Hammers


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This year, Liverpool has been able to take home two trophies thanks to their recent surge in success. They defeated Chelsea in the penalty shootout to win their first championship and go to the Carabao Cup final. They won their first trophy by beating Chelsea in the shootout.

The day before yesterday, Jurgen Klopp also won his second trophy by eliminating Chelsea from the FA cup final and therefore winning his second title. Neither Mason Mount nor Cesar Azplicueta were able to score their spot kicks, which would have put Liverpool in the lead. However, Mendy was able to save the penalty shot taken by his fellow Senegalese player, but it was to no effect as his team was eliminated from competition.

Liverpool still has a better chance than Manchester City of winning the Premier League, despite Manchester City’s tie with West Ham earlier today (2-2).

The reds presently have 86 points with two games remaining, while Pep’s side has 90 points with just one game remaining.

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On Tuesday, Jurgen Klopp’s team will take on Southampton with the intention of securing a victory in order to maintain their competitiveness with Manchester City. If Liverpool is successful in defeating Southampton and Wolves, then it will be in a better position to win the Premier League championship. This will be the case in the event that Manchester City is unable to win their next match against Aston Villa and instead draws or suffers a loss

After reaching the final of the FA Cup, Jurgen Klopp’s team has set its sights on winning the Champions League as well. In 2018, they were defeated by Real Madrid in the Cup final, but this time they won’t be giving up easily.

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I’m curious to know what you think: do you think Liverpool will be able to win every championship this year?

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