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REPORTS: Why Liverpool would lift replica Premier League trophy if they win the title.


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For the second time in four seasons, the Premier League title race will be decided on the final day between Liverpool and Man City – with a trophy to reside at each stadium on Sunday.

It’s been another season with near perfection required to be in the battle for the Premier League title and after 37 matchdays each, City and Liverpool are separated by just a single point.

It sets up yet another fascinating final day of the season, one that could still offer up a twist or two before the curtain falls.

It is, of course, in Man City‘s hands and Liverpool would need to beat Wolves AND see Aston Villa take points off Pep Guardiola’s side to lift the trophy – but stranger things have happened.

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And if those turn of events did take place in favour of Jurgen Klopp‘s side, Jordan Henderson would be lifting a replica Premier League trophy at Anfield.

That is because the Premier League are to send a presentation team to both the Etihad Stadium and Anfield on Sunday, but the real trophy will reside in Manchester alongside chief executive Richard Masters.

You do wonder if they ever considered a helicopter to transport the trophy, the two stadiums are not as far apart as they were in 2018/19 when City lifted the league in Brighton.

And each club will also have access to 40 medals, as per the Telegraph, but only one will see the light of day with the winning club.

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It’s a pain not worth considering that a title-winning stage and trophy could again reside at Anfield without being called into action, but you just never know.

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With two trophies collected already and a Champions League final to look forward to, Sunday is a day for possibilities and dreams.


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