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REPORT: Tammy Abraham Speaks About Leaving Chelsea and Succeeding


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As a result, Rashford, Greenwood, and others are underwhelming in their performances, which is partly a result of Ronaldo‘s return to Manchester United. Ronaldo is adamant about becoming a member of the first team. When he wasn’t there, he cried and claimed that he had been harmed. But he wasn’t, and he was dropped as a result. Real Madrid fanatics would argue that it is because of Ronaldo that Manchester United is not in a relegation battle.

In the 2020/2021 season, Manchester United scored 73 goals while conceding 44. A goal differential of 29. Despite the fact that Ronaldo scored a lot of goals this season, they only managed to score 57 goals against 52 for the opposition. There is just a 5-goal difference between the two teams. That’s the most terrifying aspect. Ronaldo’s comeback had a negative impact on the whole scoring unit. Ronaldo is the source of the issue.

The whole Manchester United squad is not united at this time. They are divided into distinct camps. Instead of Ronaldo, Fernandes has taken over as captain. Will Ronaldo be content with the fact that he is the captain of his nation rather than of his club? Fernandes, on the other hand. He is currently seeing a resurgence in form, which may be attributed to Ronaldo as well. The way Cristiano Ronaldo wants to play causes the whole squad to suffer.

Chelsea were a little too fast on the draw when it came to ditching Abraham. His conversion rate wasn’t too shabby, though, considering how much potential he has. Every third or fourth game, he would put up a goal.

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The majority of us would claim that the English Premier League features world-class teams such as Burnley, Norwich, Brighton, Leeds, Wolves, Crystal Palace, Watford, Aston Villa, Newcastle, and Brentford, to name a few examples. Torino, Sampdoria, Bologna, Atalanta, Lazio, and Udinese are just a few of the easier teams in the Italian league, which includes many more. This is why world-class attackers like as Rashford and Gabriel Jesus struggle to reach the back of the net on a consistent basis in the Premier League.

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