The key factors Real Madrid are considering as they shop for a new No 9

Unhurried, yet not sluggish. The possibility of Real Madrid acquiring a striker has ceased to be a priority, but that does not imply that the door is totally shut.



Don’t forget that the market hasn’t reopened officially yet. What the club does know for sure is that they will not sign just to sign if nothing matches their expectations.

Are there any strikers on the market who could fill in for Benzema? There are, of course, but Real Madrid is not prepared to invest if that alternative does not persuade, which is what they are doing after analyzing the scenario and the many variables that exist.

The first, and the one that is causing the most problems, is the issue of non-EU places, which does not appear to have a resolution until 2023.

As a result, Gabriel Jesus, Ancelotti’s choice player, has been ruled out. Darwin Nunez, who is close to joining Liverpool, is in the similar boat.

The same can be said for the new generation of youthful talent that has emerged in Brazil and Argentina in recent months. For the time being, that door is shut.

The key is to wait

The directors of Real Madrid have halted all negotiations with Juanmi Latasa. Rayo appeared to be the likely destination for the Castilla player who is still on the team, but everything has been put on hold.

Jovic and Mariano are taking suggestions and looking for a new location. Borja Mayoral returns after completing his loan spells with Roma and Getafe, although there’s a good chance he’ll be involved in a transfer.

The World Cup will be a determining factor

The World Cup, which will be hosted in the midst of September, raises fresh market expectations. Club activity will come to a halt in the second week of November and will not resume until after Christmas, which happens to fall on the same day as the start of the winter transfer season.

Because the number of matches is limited, a misstep or absence at the start of the season will have less of an impact. Even after the conclusion of the Qatar tournament, the issue of non-EU registration may have been resolved, allowing for more signings.

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