‘There’s a need to be afraid’: Some Madrid fans express total dread over Lewandowski signing


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Real Madrid fans have been keeping tabs on what’s happening at Barcelona.

The signing of Robert Lewandowski is what’s gives many Madridistas shivers.

Here are some of their reactions:

Mr Kenog: “I know we have gone through the scariest teams last season but to be honest and without bias, we ought to be worried,

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we are strong that’s fine but for Barcelona to buy these kinds of players even with over 1 billion in debts is unbelievable, like we should be very worried, becasue I want my beloved Madrid to win the league back to back.”

Lawrence Young: “Better to be truthful, I’m indeed jealous that they acquired such a goal puncher, they beat us 4-0 with a struggling team last season, imagine what will happen with these new additions.


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“There’s a need to be afraid but Madrid being Madrid we are the team to be afraid of, the record speaks for itself.”


Fvkn Dislikee: “We’re only pretending to be cool. Currently, Barcelona has a tough squad if you compare.”

Sebastien123: “Yes he is a dangerous soldier.”

Abubakar Bala: “I’m a little bit worried seriously Barca is stronger than ever we have to put on work.”


Lewandowski’s first game in a Barca shirt is likely to be against Real Madrid. The Polish striker has been working hard in training as looks as monstrous as ever right now.

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