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Three Different Human Characters To Tell Whether You Will Be Rich Or Poor


Three Different Human Characters To Tell Whether You Will Be Rich Or Poor.

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According to this write up we are going to discuss the three unique characters that can tell a lot about persons financial success.

This is according to general research, behavioural attitude and some personal results from some influential people.

They are:

1. The Benefactor.

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2. The Giver.

3. The Builder

Now, the above three characters as listed can be seen in all individuals. All of them at the same time.

But the only one that is more prominent of the characters will determine if the person will be rich or poor.

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Though on a normal day, some factors will show in some persons that are truly rich.

People also inherit richness and wealth. And some receive it as a gift. Then to some it’s lottery or Jackpot.

Also you talk about persons that become rich with their talents. It could be Athlete, Football, Music and so on.

But we are talking aside this how do you know if you will be rich or poor. Or how do you know someone will be rich. We pick them one by one and explain.

1. The Benefactor.

Some are born Benefactor. These ones their parents, brothers and sisters, relatives, families or friends have already made it. So they can help or give them money.

Here it is very easy to make it here because if the parents already have properties and money they can inherit or benefit from here.
This could make them rich for a short while.

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Ninety percent of people here on their own can’t make it.
And majority squander the money or wealth gotten.
They usually ask for more. You really might not notice this if you are not close to them.

And there is another kind of Benefactor who might not have rich parents or relatives or even rich helpful friends.
These ones is always begging, just like a begger, always on the receiving end.
If you stay with them they can even do chores for you so as to benefit from you.
They are usually lazy and lacks initiative. They boast and brag a lot. They don’t invest or save. They are powerful dressers.

So under the Benefactor they will never be rich but poor.

2. The Giver.

This set of people as the name implies gives freely their resources, money and what could have made them wealth.

They are usually humble and kind hearted. And they still work hard.

Even as you might not believe it, they build and start off something, only for the be thing to fail after some time.

Most of them are religious and shy.
They are usually not talkatives. They are cooperative and supportive. They are investors but lacks savings. They are good in explaining things and also good teachers.

Unfortunately, most of them are poor. This is because they give even their last balance.

3. The Builder.

Under here you see someone that starts something from the scratch.
They have initiate. They are industious, and enterprising. They can invest and also save.
Unlike The Giver, they are stingy, very mean with money, even to a relative unless their financial dream have stabilized before they give freely. And even at that they are very calculative.

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They might not really carry everyone along sometimes but they can make a good teacher but not as good as A Giver.

The Builder can make it and become rich and wealthy whether the family have money or not.
They can make it with little or nothing. The Builder usually do good and lucrative business.

So, finally from the above Characters. It’s The Builder that can become rich.

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