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UCL: 2 reasons Liverpool will beat Real Madrid in the final.


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Following yesterday’s win against Manchester City at Santiago BernabeuReal Madrid have set up a UEFA Champions League Final with Liverpool FC.

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This is the second time the club will be meeting each other in the finals of the same competition within 5 years.

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Ahead of the game, Dozz thinks that Jurgen Klopp’s men will come out on top at the end of the day. Here are our reasons:

1. Luis Diaz‘s form

Since the Colombia international introduction to the current Liverpool squad, the Reds have improved massively.

Luis Diaz has shown that he has the capability of influencing games, as such, we tip him to be a very influential figure in the upcoming UEFA Champions League finals.

2. Solid Defense

Jurgen Klopp’s men have got a very solid defense led by Virgil Van Dijk. As such, it would be very hard for Real Madrid’s attackers to be able to infiltrate this backline.

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