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Why the exit of Rudiger would be a betrayal to Thomas Tuchel.


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The rumors and speculations of the possible exit of Antonio Rudiger from the Stamford Bridge, is no longer news flash. And I believe that most Chelsea football club’s fans, have taken it to heart that, they will be losing one of their favorite and key players (Rudiger), in the summer.

Meanwhile, I also strongly believe that, the exit of Rudiger at this crucial time, would be a betrayal to Thomas Tuchel.


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Thomas Tuchel’s tactic, formation, and confidence on Rudiger helped in aggrandizing Rudiger’s top form:

Every football lover and Chelsea football club’s fan, would agree with me that, Antonio Rudiger was arguably a flop during the tenure of Frank Lampard, which resulted to his (Rudiger’s) benching, until Thomas Tuchel took over.

Partially, it would be agreed that Thomas Tuchel contributed immensely to Rudiger’s top form as Tuchel’s tactic and formation, coupled with his (Tuchel’s) confidence on Rudiger, favored the German defender.

Meanwhile, Antonio Rudiger ought to honor a new contract offer from Chelsea football club’s board, and stay put at Stamford Bridge, knowing fully well, that Tuchel and Chelsea’s fans are fond of him (Rudiger), and might find it very difficult to get his replacement.

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Hence, Rudiger ought to stand by him (Tuchel), through this hard time, courtesy of Chelsea’s problematic issues caused by the UK sanction, by being patient and knowing the mind of Chelsea’s new owner on him, before his (Rudiger’s) final decision.

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